Looking for a Clever Lawyer

I have just gotten started, but I am going to have to do something to try to get my car repaired. I have only second hand knowledge of what happened and so far the police have not been able to prove that the person is responsible. I was talking to the lawyers at baggotlaw.com by email and they do not seem all that keen to be my lawyer for this very reason. They are one of the no win no fee law firms and obviously that means that they are not going to be volunteering to take on hopeless cases. If they take a law suit to court they need to have a really good chance at coming back with a win, obviously they want to be paid for their work and they can not stay in business unless they do win the case almost all of the time. So if I have a case that is not very strong, then they are going to politely tell me to take a hike.

How to Find and Play Free Online War Games

Online games are a huge part of the gaming industry. There are many quality online war games that are playable for free. If you are looking for war-based games, you can find free online games that you can play by yourself or with other people all over the world. Finding free online war games on the Internet can be difficult, though, if you don’t know where to look.


  1. Search for free online war games in any major search engine. This is the easiest way to find just about anything, but using search engines means filtering through lots of results that are probably not what you are looking for.
  2. Look on gaming forums. The Eat My Games forum has several free online war games. There are others, too, such as GameSpot or IGN, that have good suggestions. This is also a good way to find people to play with.
  3. Decide what genre of war game you want to play. This may make it easier to find something that suits you. If you are looking for a realistic war game based on current events, you might check out Kuma\War. Search with more specifics to increase the chances of getting a game that suits you.
  4. Check on online game sites. Yahoo! Games or Addictinggames.com may have something to suit you. You may have to search for a while, but you’ll find lots of titles that may work.

How to Play Free Online Naruto Fighting Games

Naruto, an orange jumpsuit-clad ninja, is the star of anime, manga and video games. You can partake in his adventures for free by playing online Naruto fighting games. These games are available on different websites and can be played online for free. To play these games, you’ll first need to find a website that features Naruto games and then narrow down your search to just fighting games based on the series.


  1. Go to a Flash gaming website. These websites feature online games that use the Flash player, an Internet plug-in, to run games through your Intnernet browser. Exampls of Flash gaming websites include Big Money Arcade, Naruto Kun Games, Game FZ and Flash Naruto Games (see References).
  2. Enter “Naruto” into the search bar located on the Flash gaming website. If you are visiting a game that specializes in Naruto games, ignore this step as all games on the site are based on Naruto.
  3. Browse through the available games. Skip over any games that are outside of the action genre, such as Naruto dress-up games and Naruto puzzle games.
  4. Locate the fighting Naruto game you wish to play. Examples of available fighting games are Naruto Ninja Fight, Ninja Combat, Naruto Ex and Naruot Flash Battle 2.
  5. Click on the game to load it into your browser. If prompted, select the option to update the Flash plug-in for your browser.
  6. Scroll below the game screen to view the controls. Some games will require the use of your mouse and keyboard, while others might use one or the other.

How to Download Full Free Games

Playing games on your computer does not have to cost a fortune. Many free games are available for download from sites such as gametop.com, myrealgames.com and funny-games.biz. These games are 100% free and you can play them as many times as you like.


  1. Click “Download Free Games” from gametop.com’s homepage.
  2. Select the game you wish to download and click on the game’s icon. As of October 2010, gametop.com offers more than 100 free full games for you to download. Choose from puzzle, sports and arcade games.
  3. Click “Download Free Game” from the game’s download page.


  1. Click “Download Free Games” from myrealgames.com’s homepage.
  2. Select the game you wish to download and click on the icon for the game. As of October 2010, myrealgames.com offers 100 free full games for you to download. Choose from strategy, adventures, puzzles and sports games.
  3. Click “Go to Download Page,” and then click “Download Now.”


  1. Click “Games,” and then click “Free PC Games” from funny-games.biz’s homepage.
  2. Select the game you want from almost 1,000 free full games.
  3. Click “Download Now.”

How to Play PC Games with a Logitech Controller

Logitech is a hardware company that produces various controller interfaces for Windows-based computers. They manufacture everything from standard keyboards and mouse devices to video game pads and joysticks. If you have a Logitech controller and wish to use it on a PC video game, all you need to do is properly configure it in the game. Actual drivers are not usually required to connect current Logitech controllers to your computer (some Logitech controllers produced in the past may require a driver).


  1. Connect the Logitech controller to the computer. Insert the USB cable running from the rear of the controller into one of the USB ports on the computer system.
  2. Launch the PC video game you want to use the controller with. Wait for the game to load, then choose “Options.”
  3. Click “Controllers” and a list of controller options appears on the screen. Select the appropriate controller. This loads a new selection of controller options.
  4. Scroll through the list of controller options until you find a configuration that is suitable to you (each configuration changes what each controller button’s actions are).
  5. Accept the controller changes, then return to the main menu of the video game and start your new or currently saved game.

Installing Driver (for older Logitech devices)

  1. Insert the driver installation CD into the disc drive of the computer after connecting the Logitech controller to a USB port. In a moment the driver installation wizard loads onto the screen.
  2. Click “Next” on the welcome page, then accept the end-user license agreement displayed.
  3. Click “Next” two more times, then select “Install” and the Logitech controller drivers will be installed onto the computer. Now launch the video game and continue with the “Options” menu as you do in step 2 of the previous section.

The Best Car Games on PC

For more than 20 years, PC games have continually maintained their reputation as the best. Though console gaming will probably always have a place in the market, the constant graphical innovations of the PC continue to raise the bar, while game companies keep making the games better and better.


  • “Stunts” is one of the first 3D racing games for the PC, and definitely one of the greatest. Developed by Distinctive Software and released in 1990, “Stunts” was more than a racing game and actually allowed you to customize tracks, do tricks, race other players, and view your replays. One of the most amusing traits of this game dealt with certain bugs that would cause you to fly straight up in the air after crashing at high speeds. There are a number of sports cars and tracks to choose from, which is one of the reasons for the game’s popularity even now, nearly 20 years later, in 2010.


  • Critics have said “Grid” abandoned the traditional style of racing for racing itself. The game takes into account the physics of the vehicles, tracks and other features that affect driving. Besides being visually stunning, the game is a racing game through and through. The game’s physics are similar to Gran Turismo with elements of street racing thrown in. You race on outdoor tracks, though they are not the typical oval tracks you would expect. Grid was released in 2008 by Codemasters,

Burnout Paradise

  • “Burnout Paradise” took a sidestep from the traditional “Burnout” games. “Burnout Paradise” opened up an entire city and allowed you to roam everywhere, from quarries to baseball stadiums. It differed from other “Burnout” games where you spent a majority of your time touring from city to city, only seeing the available tracks within each. “Burnout Paradise” allows you to accept any number of challenges all while cruising around the city. The game also features an online option where you can go head-to-head with other players–either in a takedown competition or a race across the city, where it’s up to you to plan the best route to the finish line. Though “Burnout Paradise” was released on other platforms in January 2008, it was not released for PC until February 2009.

Colin McRae: Dirt 2

  • “Colin McRae: Dirt 2” is the acclaimed follow-up to the first “Dirt,” rated the game most people would continue playing the next year. “Dirt 2” is essentially a rally racing game with fluid game dynamics and high engine graphics. Each track allows you to breakaway and take your own dirt shortcuts, and with an array of cars and trucks to choose from, this one is sure to end up on your shelf and not be a trade-in. One of the most alluring parts of this game is the rally cars that handle very well, though some of the other events with toy trucks and buggies feel a little more like an arcade racing game. Although much of the game veers away from typical rally point-to-point races, this game allows you to earn respect, and the online feature is also a lot of fun. Dirt 2 was released in September 2009 by Codemasters, and was the first game to use the Rapture 3D sound engine by default on PC.

Top Zombie PC Games

Zombies have had a place in American culture since the release of George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” in 1968. Since that time, the zombie genre has seen a number of reboots and revamping, as well as expansion from movies to books, television and video games. For zombie-loving PC gamers, a handful of top-notch zombie games exist to satisfy survival horror cravings and keep skills sharp in case of a zombie outbreak.

Resident Evil 5

  • Capcom’s Resident Evil series began in 1996 on the Sony PlayStation platform and has since expanded in both platform availability and gameplay. Resident Evil 5 released in September 2009, picking up the newer, darker themes brought up in Resident Evil 4. In part 5, Chris Redfield travels to Kijuju in Africa to investigate a mysterious project called Uroboros. The gameplay feels similar to that in Resident Evil 4, with Chris being able to engage in a more freestyle kind of combat, but an important addition is that of Sheva Alomar, a local paired with Chris to help him infiltrate the dealings and possible connection to the events that occurred in Raccoon City years earlier. Resident Evil 5 features the possibility of interactive multiplayer gaming over the Internet and scores an 8.5 out of 10 from GameSpot.

Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2

  • Valve Software and Entertainment Arts teamed up to release two of the most popular PC games in recent history, not only within the zombie genre. The games garner an 8.5 and 9 score out of 10 on GameSpot. In the first game, an apocalypse has occurred and left only four human survivors. These survivors must fight their way through swarms of zombies and avoid being infected or turned into zombie lunch. The second game features four new survivors, new weapons and five all new campaign maps for the survivors to fight through. Both games offer multiplayer action and online co-op through Windows Live gaming.

Plants vs Zombies

  • Zombie warfare may often be bloody and not very humorous, but Plants vs. Zombies definitely isn’t the case. This game, created by PopCap Games and released in May 2009, pits anthropomorphic plants against an advancing undead horde. Players must protect houses against the zombies by planting the plants that fight the zombies off. While it sounds simple, the zombies become more and more persistent as time wears on and come up with crafty ways to infiltrate the plant defenses. Plants vs Zombies is a single-player PC game, and is also available for Macs.

Dead Rising 2

  • Dead Rising 2 brings the Xbox 360 experience of Dead Rising to more platforms. In the sequel, users play as Chuck Greene, a man who is a contestant on the game show Terror is Reality. The show allows humans to kill zombies to earn money. Chuck is then framed for a zombie uprising that occurs, and he decides to work to disprove this, as well as find anti-zombie medication for his infected daughter. The game is playable in single-player, multiplayer or online co-op modes.

How to Play Trivia Games for Free

If you enjoy trivia, you may find the Internet to be an ideal source for feeding your trivia desires. Many websites offer free trivia games for challenge and enjoyment. While some websites offer both premium (not free) and free games, you will find that the free games are lively and engaging. Challenge your trivia expertise by playing free trivia games online.


  1. Visit miniclip.com to play trivia machine. Trivia machine offers trivia questions at three different levels (elementary, scholar and genius) and in a variety of different categories. Choose questions either by category or level and choose your answer from four different options. You earn points for each correct answer. Continue playing as long as you desire by continuing to press any key or by clicking your mouse to keep the questions coming.
  2. Navigate to zone.msn.com to play Pat Sajak’s Trivia Gems. Click the console in the middle of the screen to begin the game. Enter a name and click “Okay.” Choose a token to use to move up through the pyramid and then choose a category to start. Read the three questions and choose an answer from the multiple-choice options. Once you have chosen your answers, you may wager on your answers. Wagering on yourself can earn you more points if you get the answer right. If you are unsure of the answer, do not wager on your answer. Click “Go” to enter your answers and your wagers before the time elapses. Continue choosing categories and working your way up through the pyramid until you reach the top.
  3. Visit gamefools.com to play Trivial Pursuit. Play against “Mr. Bear” by rolling the die and moving your token around the board. Choose a trivia category and then select your answer from multiple-choice options. Take turns with Mr. Bear and earn wedges in your pie when you get enough correct answers. You can also steal correct answers from Mr. Bear when it is his turn. The winner is the first player to fill all of the pie pieces.

How to Play Free Pokemon Games on a Computer

Being the intellectual property of Nintendo, copies of the Nintendo-developed Pokemon games cannot be reproduced or ported to any unauthorized console or computer. Any illegal copies of the game or its characters can result in legal action, but Nintendo has allowed a handful of user-created content and Pokemon games to exist online. These games lack some of the features and depth that the hand-held games feature, but the online games are free to play.

Play Mini Games that Feature Pokemon Character

  1. Visit the 1888 Free Online Games website to play mini games that feature Pokemon characters (see Resources).
  2. Click on one of the six mini games that interests you. Do not use the filters on the side of the screen. This will cause the list to lose the “Pokemon Games” filter and will include all the games related to your selection, including those that are not Pokemon mini games.
  3. Review the instructions for the mini game you have selected. Most of them have an instructions tab in the main menu that explains how to play each game.

Play Full User Created Pokemon Games

  1. Visit the Pokemon Omega or Pokemon Battle Arena websites (see Resources). All three feature free-to-play Pokemon games online. Both sites require users to register before downloading the game client. Pokemon Omega consistently updates the game with new locations and Pokemon for the players.
  2. Download and install the game client. The installer is not very large and should take only a few minutes to download.
  3. Run the game you have installed. You will be prompted to log in with the account you created on the forums to access the content of the game itself.

How to Play Free Car Racing Games on the Computer

Whether you are a hardcore fan of racing games or just bored and want to kill some time, you can get entertained playing car racing games for as long as you want. Start racing online without paying a dime.

Free Racing Games With BGames

  1. Go to BGames.
  2. Click on the “Racing” tab on the top left side of your screen.
  3. Browse through the many available car racing games. Click on the game that interests you most.
  4. Wait a few seconds for the game to load. There will be a short ad before you can play the game.
  5. Click on “Start game,” and start playing for as long as you want. Your keyboard will be the controller. The arrows and space bar will be the keys you will use to play the games.

Free Racing Games With ShockWave

  1. Go to ShockWave.
  2. Click on the “Racing” tab on the top your screen in the center.
  3. Browse through the many available car racing games. Click on the game that interests you most. Hard Rock, Redline Rumble 4: IgNitro City and Sunset Racer 2 are highly recommended.
  4. Wait for a quick ad and click on “Start game.” You may need to download the “unity web player.” If so, click on the icon that says “unity web player” and click on “save file” when the .exe box pops up. Once you’ve installed the plug-in, refresh the screen.
  5. Click on “Start game,” and wait for the ad. Start playing for as long as you want. Your keyboard will be the controller. The arrows and space bar will be the keys you will use to play the games.

Free Racing Games With YouDaGames

  1. Go to YouDaGames.
  2. Click on the “Racing” tab on the left side of your screen, under the “Online Games” box.
  3. Browse through the many available car racing games. Click on the game that interests you most.
  4. Click on “Play” once you are directed to the game you chose.
  5. Start playing for as long as you want. Your keyboard will be the controller. The arrows and space bar will be the keys you will use to play the games.

How to Play Free Solitaire Games

The addictive game of solitaire is also one of the most widely produced free applications. On many different types of personal computers and even traveling electronic devices, solitaire seems to be everywhere. You don’t have to look hard to find a free version of it lurking around the corner.


  1. Play solitaire for free on Windows. All Windows programs, since the early 1990s, have included a free version of solitaire in their “games” folder. Go to the Start button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen, click and go to “all programs.” Move the mouse up to “Games,” and slick on “Solitaire.” The game will open up immediately.
  2. Play solitaire for free on your iPod. On the main screen of your iPod (4th gen, 5th gen and iPod Classic versions) click on “extras.” Scroll down and click on “games.” Scroll down and click on “solitaire.” The game will open. In new new iPhone and iTouch you can download solitaire apps, some free, some not.
  3. Find free solitaire games online. Go to Google and simply type in “free solitaire game.” The choices range in the hundreds from games you can play online by yourself, online competitions and even free solitaire software you can download. Many of these can be downloaded to Palm or other PDAs.
  4. Play it old school… with cards! Dig around and find that old deck of cards you have lying around at the bottom of your closet and deal up a round of solitaire for yourself. Be sure to count through the deck and make sure all the cards are there. Nothing’s more infuriating than not playing with a full deck!

Free Games to Play Without Downloading Anything

Free online browser games have become a popular way to scratch the gaming itch during a coffee break without going through the ordeal of buying and downloading multi-gigabyte commercial games online. However, all the games on the list require a Flash-enabled browser to play.


  • Gemcraft is a fantasy tower-defense game in which you play a wizard. Your wizard’s tower is under attack by hordes of monsters, and in order to fight them off, you set traps using magic gems. The more monsters you kill, the more mana you have to create gems. As the game progresses, you also combine gems in order to create more powerful spells and traps and gain experience points that you can use to increase the power of your wizard.


  • Raze is 2D shooter game in which you create and equip a jet-pack soldier before sending him into combat with aliens, monsters and other players who happen to be online at the time. The game features both a single-player story mode in which the player can choose to fight for either humanity or an alien invasion force and a variety of multiplayer modes. Furthermore, Raze keeps track of your profile as you play over multiple sessions, so you will always be able to come back and see how many online matches you have won and lost.

Epic Battle Fantasy

  • In Epic Battle Fantasy, you control a samurai warrior and a sorceress as they battle through wave after wave of enemies. Fans of Japanese role-playing games will recognize the battle system as inspired by the systems used in popular games like Final Fantasy. The goal of the game is to ration the health and mana of your characters in order to stay alive through as many enemy waves as possible. Each wave becomes more powerful, but your characters have a full roster of special abilities and spells to overpower them.


  • Arcuz is an action RPG similar in style to the classic Super Nintendo game “Secret of Mana.” You control a hero as he travels around the world completing quests and growing in power. The story of the quest can take a pretty long time to beat, but you don’t have to do it all in one sitting. If you have a free Facebook or MochiGames account, the game can use one of those accounts to save your progress and insure that you see the full story of the game without starting over.

How to Play Free Yahoo Games

Yahoo! has a wide selection of games you can play online for free, from arcade games to board games, card games and even social games. Some of those games are: Scrabble, Pool, Bejeweled, Spades, Dominoes, Monopoly, Fishdom and Cooking Dash.


  1. Navigate to yahoo.com and sign up for an account if you don’t have one.
  2. Click “Games” in the left column.
  3. Click a game genre at the top of the page. For example, if you click “Card,” you’ll see a list of card games you can play, such as Blackjack, Canasta, Hold ‘Em Poker and Spades.
  4. Click the specific game you want to play, and you will be prompted to sign into your Yahoo! account. Once signed in, enter a room. You’ll see the number of people logged into that particular room.
  5. Click the game link, enter the displayed Captcha and you’re logged into the server and ready to play. Challenge or be challenged, once you enter a room.

How to Download and Play PC Games for Free

The Internet allows you to find gaming websites and download free computer games for your PC. However, due to the threat of viruses and other malware, you must always be careful to download from trusted websites. There are many sites online that claim to offer free games for your computer, but they may install hidden software or software that contains a virus. Websites such as CNET Downloads, Free GamePick and Brothersoft offer you a safe source of games for your computer.

CNET Downloads

  1. Open your computer browser and navigate to the CNET Downloads website.
  2. Click “Games” from the “Categories” menu on the left to navigate to the games section.
  3. Click “Top Freeware” from the bottom of the left menu to view only the free games.
  4. Click the type of game you would like to download from the “Categories” menu on the left. You can choose games such as action games, role-playing games or strategy games.
  5. Click the name of the game you would like to download. This will take you to a page that contains information about the game, such as a short summary and user reviews.
  6. Click the “Download Now” button to download the game. Most games will download as .exe files that allow you to double-click to start installation.

Free GamePick

  1. Open your Internet browser and navigate to the Free GamePick website.
  2. Click “Download Games” from the top menu.
  3. Click the genre of game you would like to download from the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  4. Click the name of the game to view an information page.
  5. Click the “Download Now” button to download the game. The game will download as an .exe file that you can double-click to install.

BrotherSoft Games

  1. Launch your Internet browser and navigate to the Brothersoft Games website.
  2. Click the kind of game you would like to play from the “Categories” menu on the left.
  3. Click the “Only Freeware” link in the top left corner of the game listings.
  4. Click the “Download Now” button under the name of the game you want to download.
  5. Click the “Download Now” link next to the download server you would like to use. There are different download servers that may provide you with a faster download based on location, but all servers will provide you with the same file.
  6. Save the .exe file to your computer and double-click it to begin installation.

How to Play Free Online Naruto Fighting Games

Naruto, an orange jumpsuit-clad ninja, is the star of anime, manga and video games. You can partake in his adventures for free by playing online Naruto fighting games. These games are available on different websites and can be played online for free. To play these games, you’ll first need to find a website that features Naruto games and then narrow down your search to just fighting games based on the series.


  1. Go to a Flash gaming website. These websites feature online games that use the Flash player, an Internet plug-in, to run games through your Intnernet browser. Exampls of Flash gaming websites include Big Money Arcade, Naruto Kun Games, Game FZ and Flash Naruto Games (see References).
  2. Enter “Naruto” into the search bar located on the Flash gaming website. If you are visiting a game that specializes in Naruto games, ignore this step as all games on the site are based on Naruto.
  3. Browse through the available games. Skip over any games that are outside of the action genre, such as Naruto dress-up games and Naruto puzzle games.
  4. Locate the fighting Naruto game you wish to play. Examples of available fighting games are Naruto Ninja Fight, Ninja Combat, Naruto Ex and Naruot Flash Battle 2.
  5. Click on the game to load it into your browser. If prompted, select the option to update the Flash plug-in for your browser.
  6. Scroll below the game screen to view the controls. Some games will require the use of your mouse and keyboard, while others might use one or the other.

How to Play Free HP Games

Hewlett-Packard computers are shipped with several preinstalled, free games. Standards such as Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts and FreeCell are installed. Other interesting free games on the HP include Chess Titans, InkBall, Mahjong Titans and Purple Place. In addition, the HP Game Console provides access to several free online games offered by creator WildTangent. Accessing the free games on the HP computer is very simple and requires just a few steps.


  1. Click the Windows “Start” button and select “All Programs.”
  2. Scroll to the “Games” folder in the programs list.
  3. Click on the “Games” folder to expand.
  4. Select one of the preinstalled games for play, or select the “My HP Game Console” option to explore the free online games. The free games are listed in the left pane of the console once you’re logged in.

How to Play Free Games Without an Internet Connection

Are you ever stuck without an Internet connection and want to play games on your computer or laptop? There is a simple way to get popular games directly onto your desktop and play them anywhere, anytime without being tied to an Internet connection. Learn how to download flash games for free and play them on your computer when offline.


  1. Log in to Firefox. If you do not have Firefox, go to the Firefox website and download the latest version.
  2. Go to one of the free game site that allows users to play online games for free such as Miniclip. Other sites are available by doing an Internet search for “free games” or “free online games.”
  3. Choose a game you want to play, click on it, and wait for it to stop downloading.
  4. Go up to the browser’s menu bar, click “File” and then scroll down to “Save Page As…”
  5. Choose to save your game file to your desktop, click “Save” and then close the window.
  6. Look for two files on your desktop containing the name of the free game you just downloaded from the Internet. Delete the “.html” file and only keep the “_files” version.
  7. Open the game folder that remains on your desktop and look for a file that ends with “.swf.” If there are two “.swf” files, click both.
  8. Rename this “.swf” file to contain the name of the free game you just downloaded so you can easily find it next time.
  9. Drag the free game to your desktop and delete the folder it originally came from; it is no longer needed.
  10. Open a new Firefox tab and shrink the window. You do not need to be connected to the Internet at this point.
  11. Drag the free game file from your desktop into your blank Firefox window so it can load. You are now able to play this online game for free without an Internet connection.

How to Build an Online Bike Game

Creating an online bike game is a project involving computer programming. One step in this project is designing the game play, which includes answering the questions “What’s the goal of the game?” and “What are the game’s obstacles?” An excellent practice in developing bike games is studying how existing games work. Doing this will spur your own ideas for the game’s appearance and interaction with the player. Making your own online bike game develops skills in both graphics and game programming. These skills are applicable to a wide variety of non-game programs.


  1. Install and begin playing an open source game featuring bicycles or similar vehicles. Examples of such games include X-Moto, Armagetron Advanced and BMTron. As you play, write answers to these questions: “What aspects of my bike game should be like this game? How should I make my game different?” Include in your list a work item for changing the game’s protagonist to one riding a bicycle, if the game does not feature bicycles.
  2. Download, from the page you obtained the bike game’s executable from, the text files (i.e. source files) that list the game’s programming statements.
  3. Read the documentation describing how to build the bike game’s executable from its source files. The documentation will mention the programming language the developers used to write the game’s source. Remember the name of this language.
  4. Download a free kit for creating programs in the language you noted in the previous step. Oracle provides a Java development kit on their JDK download page. The Python organization provides a development kit from their site’s download page.
  5. Download a free development kit for Java or Flash, if you haven’t already done so. One of these kits are needed to create programs that users can play online. See the previous step for a Java development kit. An open source Flash development kit is available from FlashDevelop’s download page.
  6. Load the bike game’s source files into a word processor, then print the files.
  7. Compile, using the instructions from step 3, the source of the original bike program. Run the program to verify the compilation was successful.
  8. Delete, then type from memory as much as possible, one of the bike game’s source files. Read the printed source file as needed. Type the remaining source files from memory when you finish learning the first file. This step teaches you how the original bike game’s algorithms (i.e. procedures) work.
  9. Download an open source Java or Flash game, and learn its algorithms in the same way you learned those of the bike game in step 9. Completing this step will give you enough knowledge to both translate and modify the original bike game’s source code.
  10. Type the Java or Flash statements that translate each source code statement from the original bike game into your word processor.
  11. Compile and run the translated program. If needed, use the Flash or Java development kit’s user guide for detailed instructions on compilation.
  12. Write the new programming statements that complete the changes you wrote in step 1.
  13. Recompile the source code. Run your completed customized game.

How to Make an Online Game Server

http://cdn.fansided.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/281/files/2014/02/SpiderBattle.jpgPaying for companies to host your online game server can be costly. However, making your own online game server can be easy and can give you more server control and freedom than do hosting companies. Online game servers can be created for nearly any game that can be hosted remotely.


  1. Download the server hosting software for your game. Save these files inside the game’s folder (usually located in the Program Files section of your drive).
  2. Begin configuring your server. Use notepad to open the ‘server.cfg’ file in the server software folder. This is the file where all server settings are configured.
  3. Type your computer’s IP address in the Server IP section of the configuration file. If you do not know your computer’s IP address, open your web browser and navigate to http://whatismyipaddress.com/. Copy and paste the IP address shown at this site into your configuration file.
  4. Type the IP address you just located into your web browser (i.e. When the router pop-up window opens, type in the password to your router.
  5. Navigate to the Ports section of the page and create a new port. Set the numerical value for this port between 3000 and 4000. Then, set the access for this port to full access.
  6. Type the port number you just created into the Port section of your server configuration file. ‘This will allow users to navigate through your router and access the game server program.
  7. Change the other options within the configuration file to your desired settings. These things include server name, game types, maximum players, maximum ping among other options.
  8. Start the game server by double-clicking on the executable file included with the server software. This will usually be named server.exe..

How to Make a 3D Online Multiplayer Game

Three-dimensional online multiplayer games bring together many different kinds of programs and programming procedures. These procedures include artificial intelligence for games, networking to communicate over the Web, and geometrical functions for transforming and viewing virtual structures in 3-D space. Programming such a project from the ground up would naturally be a daunting undertaking, but you can get assistance by studying existing games. Making your own 3-D online multiplayer game builds skills in many types of programming, which you can then apply to nongaming projects.


  1. Download the source code for an open-source online multiplayer game like AssaultCube or BZFlag. The source code is the set of text files that contain the instructions telling the game how to run. It will be on the same site as the game’s executable file.
  2. Read the documentation that came with the source code. The documentation specifies the programming language the game’s developers used to write the game’s source code.
  3. Install a free development kit for the programming language. Oracle provides a kit for Java development, and Open Watcom provides one for C and C++ development.
  4. Read, in a word processor, each source code file of the game. This will begin to show you how the game works. You won’t understand most of the statements, but those you do understand will provide a foothold for learning the rest of the code. In particular, read the comments, which are non-executable statements explaining what a section of code does. These will appear within text portions like this: “/ This is a comment /.”
  5. Memorize chunks of code such as complete source files. Memorization promotes understanding, as neuroscience professor Dr. Bill Klemm of Texas A&M university has said. Memorize with flash cards, or any technique you’ve used to learn another subject, such as vocabulary terms for a foreign language.
  6. Step through the code using your development kit’s debugger. Read the kit’s documentation for detailed instructions on using this tool. Stepping through code means executing instructions one at a time. This process shows exactly how the game’s variables and statements work. Repeat this step until you understand the purpose of either each variable or each statement in the program.
  7. Delete portions of code, then recompile the program and note the exact effects on game play that your deletion caused. For example, if you notice that a character’s right leg is missing after deleting a particular function, write in a journal that the function you deleted was essential to simulating the character’s right leg.
  8. Look for and change any constant or text string in one of the game’s source files. For example, change the five to three for the hypothetical statement “LivesPerCharacter=5;”. This step introduces you to programming the game. Repeat the step for each string and numerical constant in the game.
  9. Write the source code that affects the non-constant variables in the game. For example, change a character’s appearance, or the environment the game is set in. The knowledge you gained from studying the game in steps five through seven will enable you to write this source code.
  10. Repeat the previous step until you can’t recognize the original game any longer. When this happens, you’ll have completed your own online multiplayer game.

How to Make a Game Online for Free

While more complex computer games take a bit of training and programming knowledge to create, there are several websites that offer gamers an easy way to create their own online games for free. If you have an idea for a game that you think others might enjoy playing on the Internet, creating a Flash game can be an interesting project and result in a product you can be proud to share with your family and friends.


  1. Make a free online game with Sploder (see Resources). With Sploder, you have the option to design a platformer game, space shooting games or even a 3D mission style game. Your game will be shared on the website with other Sploder users and you can also share your game on MySpace or Facebook.
  2. Make a free online game with PlayCrafter (see Resources). If you do have coding and programming skills, PlayCrafter allows you to design your game from scratch. For less experienced game designers, you can select a game template on which to base your game.
  3. Make a free online game with MyGame (see Resources). This website is aimed at those with no game design experience, as you are essentially rearranging existing game components to create a game with your own unique twist.

How to Reduce Lag in Online Games

Few things frustrate and annoy online gamers more than game slowdown, freezing and lag. When you play an online game, you want it to run smoothly, but lag makes your game slow to a crawl, and can even result in you losing a match. Lag has many possible causes, including outdated computer hardware, slow Internet speed or a poor wireless signal.


  1. Stop all downloads and file sharing apps before starting an online game. Close as many programs as possible for an extra speed boost.
  2. Move your wireless router as close to your computer or game console as you can. Your Internet speed suffers if the wireless signal has to travel through a wall or other obstruction.
  3. Connect your console or computer directly to the router with an Ethernet cable, if possible, for the best connection speed.
  4. Ensure that your computer’s hardware meets the minimum recommended specifications for the game you want to play, as outdated hardware can lead to lag. Visit a website, such as Can You Run It?, to quickly determine your machine’s compatibility with a game (link in Resources).
  5. Defragment your computer’s hard drive regularly. Open the Start menu, type “defrag” into the search field, then click “Disk Defragmenter” and “Defragment Disk” to start the process.
  6. Add your game as an exception on your computer’s firewall. Some firewalls block or put restrictions on games, causing lag.

How to Create an Online Game Site

Game sites provide millions of people the opportunity for fun. They offer brief escapes during work, and the process of players competing for high scores creates a friendly sense of community among fellow gamers. For webmasters, endless opportunities exist to create a successful game site. Once you learn how to create a fun game site, you can relax and have hours of fun with friends.


  1. Decide what type of games you want to offer. For instance, most game sites provide Flash games, but you can also offer massive multiplayer games and crossword or Sudoku puzzles. Flash games include arcade games, puzzles, and strategy games. Massive multiplayer games like the ones offered by Maid Marian.com allow you to place a multiplayer game on your website. Visit Lovatts.com to find quality crossword puzzles and Sudoku games that change daily and keep players coming back to your site.
  2. Decide on a site name. For instance, you can attempt to create a meaningless but fun-sounding brand name such as Jumpoding.com that visitors will associate with games and fun. An alternate strategy consists of choosing a domain name that describes the site itself. An example might be Big Fish Games.com. Such names clearly let each visitor know what the site offers.
  3. Choose an arcade script. For instance, unless you know .php programming and can create an entire game site from scratch, you will need a game script. Game scripts create the infrastructure by connecting games with the website template. Game scripts also offer you the ability to monetize your website and add or remove modules that customize your site and make it fun. Free and commercial arcade scripts include Arcadem Pro PHP Script or PU Arcade for Joomla. Each arcade script behaves differently and allows you to customize your site in different ways. Arcadem Pro PHP Script offers a great contest module. PU Arcade runs with Joomla and allows endless ways to customize it. You should find researching game scripts fun. If you don’t find the script fun and easy to operate, you know your visitors will not like it.
  4. Locate games. You can find many quality flash games to include on your site. For example, Mochi Games.com provides webmasters thousands of games they can place on their site. Each game also comes with ads that pays a small commission each time a visitor plays a game.
  5. Locate interactive modules. Modules that every game site must have include high-score tables, contests, and awards. Such modules complete the overall environment. Find Joomla game modules at Pragmatic Utopia.com Find Arcadem Pro game modules at Agares Media.com
  6. Customize your arcade script. For instance, follow the user’s manual for your script and customize it to include your domain name, colors, template, games, and modules. To make these changes, find the game script’s installation.txt file or the config.php file. Follow the instructions on how to customize your site.
  7. Upload your game script to your server. For instance, once you have customized your arcade script, you need to upload it via a file transfer protocol (FTP) program. FTP your game script by entering your server username and server password into the FTP program. Select your game files you want to upload. Upload them to your server. If you use PU Arcade, install the game arcade via Joomla’s administration panel.
  8. Test the game script. For instance, visit “yourwebsite.com” and test the games. Make sure each one works properly.

How to Make Pesos in “Lost Saga”

Created by IO Entertainment, Lost Saga is a 3D multi-player role-playing game distributed by OGPlanet. While the game is free to download and free to play, some features are only available for a price. To access these features, you must pay in the game currency, pesos, which is money earned in the game by your character. You do not have to purchase anything with real money to earn pesos in the game. While it can be time consuming, you can earn pesos to unlock the additional features.


  1. Play the citadel quest repeatedly in crusade mode. This is the first quest that your character must do, but it can be done as many times as you want. This quest gives you the ability to gain EXP points quickly, which allows you to level up to the next hero level. Each time you level up, you earn pesos.
  2. Fish with lunar bait, which allows you to sell the fish you catch for pesos. In order to fish, you must get a lunar fishing rod and the lunar bait from one of the shops. Fishing can only be done in a plaza area by standing near the edge of the plaza.
  3. Go relic-hunting to earn pesos. You must buy relic-hunting gear from the shop first. As you complete a relic-hunting map, you are rewarded with pesos. The highest paying maps are volcano and wild west.
  4. Battle other characters. If you beat them, you will earn pesos. Attack with the “D” key, jump with the “A” key and block with the “S” key.

How Do You Go to Endless Tower in Ragnarok Online?

“Ragnorak Online,” aka “The Final Destiny of the Gods” or “RO,” allows a user to create a customizable virtual character that can partake in adventures to exotic places. A party of five players is recommended for the Tower. Although going in solo is possible, the player would not be able take out all the enemies and there is no way a single player could complete the Tower in the four hour time limit. The purpose of going into the Endless Tower is to get to skill level 100 and defeat the final boss, Entweihen Knothen. If this is accomplished, a secret room will appear.


  1. Talk to Captain Janssen. He is located in Alberta. If you cannot find him you are on a server that does not have the Endless Tower quest. You will have to move to a different server to complete this quest.
  2. Agree to be Captain Janssen’s first mate. He will warp you to the island where the Endless Tower is located.
  3. Speak to the Tower Protection Stone. Only the party leader can perform this action. An “instance” will be created for your party to enter.
  4. Enter the instance. You must do this within 5 minutes or the instance will close. You have 101 floors to get through within the time limit.

How to Get Into the Ein Dungeon in “Ragnarok Online”

“Ragnarok Online” is a large online role-playing game produced by Gravity Co. Originally a sensation in South Korea, this game has spread throughout the world. The game play is comprised of different maps that have various challenges such as monsters and puzzles. The Ein Dungeon is one such map, and it can be entered from the city of Einbroch.


  1. Travel to Juno and board the airship to Einbroch. This is the quickest way to reach the Ein Dungeon.
  2. Travel to the upper-rightmost section of Einbroch. Reference your in-game map to gauge your location.
  3. Board the train in the top-right portion of Einbroch to reach the mines. You will see a new map once you reach the mines area and the Ein Dungeon is located near the center of this map, about two-thirds of the way up (see Resources).

How to Create a Party in “Ragnarok Online”

Parties are one of the main community features in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game “Ragnarok Online.” A party consists of two or more characters who are banded together. These characters team up to take on tough monsters. A common party in “Ragnarok Online” is a damage dealer, such as a Wizard, and a Priest. The Wizard will defeat monsters while the Priest heals him. Any character can create a party after he reaches job level 8 as a Novice.


  1. Press “Enter” to allow text input.
  2. Type “/organize “Party Name” and replace “Party Name” with the name of your party. For example, if you wish to create a party named “Friends,” type “/organize “Friends”.” Leave your party name in quotes.
  3. Press the “Enter” button. A window will pop up. Press “OK” to create the party.

How to Download Halo 2 for the Xbox 360

One popular feature of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video-game console is its ability to play downloadable games from the Internet. These downloadable games are stored on the Xbox’s hard drive and range in size from tiny games that can be beaten in a few minutes, to full-size blockbuster games such as “Halo 2.” Once downloaded, these games can be quickly loaded and played without a disc.


  1. Open the “Xbox LIVE Marketplace” from the main menu of the Xbox 360.
  2. Select “Games on Demand” using the “A” button.
  3. Select “Halo 2” from the list of available games.
  4. Click the “Download” button to begin the download process.

How to Download Games Through Steam

Steam is an online service that allows you to download video games for personal computers. These are games which are normally only purchasable in stores, but Steam allows you to acquire them directly, as well as to join an online community of players with the same game. Buying and downloading games is quite simple once you have a Steam account.


  1. Create a Steam account from the official website, and download the official Steam client (see Resources below).
  2. Search for the game you want to purchase. Most can be found by title, but you can also locate games that are similar to those you already enjoy by clicking on the “Browse Games” options at the left of the Steam client.
  3. Click on “Add Game” once you have found a game you want to purchase. This will take you to the checkout screen.
  4. Insert your preferred payment method if you have not done so already. Note that Steam allows you to use PayPal as well as credit cards, so you have a variety of payment options available. Click “Purchase” when done.
  5. Go to the “Downloads” tab on the Steam client. Right-click on the game to see your options. You can start and stop the download pause it at any point, and even download deleted games you’ve purchased previously. Note that once you buy a game through Steam, you can download it as many times as you want in the future in case you delete it or buy a new computer.

How to Download Games to MacBook Computers

MacBook computers are not only good for basic computing needs, like surfing the Internet and word processing, they can also be used to play a number of games. Like any Mac computer, most MacBooks have powerful graphics cards that can support beautiful game environments. If you want to download games onto your MacBook you can do so quite easily as long as the games have a Mac version. Luckily, there are many downloadable games that are made exclusively for Mac or have a Mac version readily available.

Navigate to a game site

  1. Open your Web browser on your MacBook.
  2. Find a website that has games for Mac computers. Apple’s website has many games that are for Mac computers (see resources).
  3. Find a game you would like to download.
  4. Check the game’s system requirements and compare them to your MacBook. You can check your MacBook’s status by selecting ‘About this Mac’ from the Apple menu. If you do not meet the requirements for a game, it will not work on your MacBook.
  5. Click the ‘Download’ button to download the game onto your MacBook. The game’s DMG file will mount on your desktop.
  6. Open the DMG file and follow the installation instructions.
  7. Play the game on your MacBook.

How to Download PS2 Games & Burn Them

Ever since the release of Sony’s PlayStation 3, the older PlayStation 2 system has been slowly sinking into obsolescence. Consequently, there are fewer PS2 games on the market. Gamers needing a replacement for their favorite games may discover no copies are available. Fortunately, several websites offer PS2 game files–called “ISOs”–for download onto the computer. This allows PS2 owners looking for a quick backup of their games to download and burn the files to a DVD. Best of all, these sites are free, and the games are made available by generous gamers from around the world.

Downloading a PS2 ISO

  1. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to a PS2 game download site of your choice. Since most web sites that offer PS2 games for download are forum-based, you will need to create an account–usually done free of charge–before you can access the downloads.
  2. Access the game downloads section of the web site, then scroll through the various posts until you locate a game you wish to download. Click the link.
  3. Follow the download links provided in the forum post. Most PS2 ISOs have been uploaded to online storage sites like Rapidshare or Megaupload because their large size makes them difficult to store in any other manner.
  4. Follow the instructions provided for you once you reach the online storage site that contains the file you wish to download. You will usually need to enter in a series of numbers and letters to prove you are human, and then wait anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds before a download link will appear.
  5. Click the download link once it has appeared, then specify a location on the hard drive where you wish to save the PS2 ISO file. Once you have everything the way you want it, click “Save,” and the download will start.
  6. Repeat Steps 3 through 5 as needed. Because most PS2 ISOs are more than four gigabytes in size, you may want to split them into several parts with WinRAR, which makes it easier for them to manage. Once all the files have been downloaded, unzip the ISO file to a desired location on your hard drive. You are now ready to begin burning the PS2 ISO to a disk.

Burning the Game to a Disk

  1. Open your preferred DVD burning program.
  2. Select the option that will allow you to burn an image file to a disk. This will usually be labeled “Write image file to disk,” but may also be labeled something slightly different depending on your program.
  3. Insert your blank DVD into the computer’s DVD burner.
  4. Click the “browse for file” button under the “source” section of your DVD burning program, then browse for and select the ISO file you downloaded in Section 1. Click “Open” to add it to the queue to be burned to the DVD.
  5. Click the “Burn” button after you have made sure that the “Destination” is set to the DVD drive containing your blank DVD. Your DVD burning program will now burn the PS2 ISO to the DVD.

How to Download Mobile Games for Free

Many mobile phones are capable of playing games which can range from simple word games to actual strategy and arcade games. If you have the iPhone or the iPod touch you will be in luck because iTunes has a large list of free games available. There are also other sites which will allow you to download the games for free, if you do not have an Apple device.


  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Access the store by clicking “iTunes Store” on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Click “App Store” once the store loads.
  4. Select “Games” on the left hand side.
  5. Click “Top Free Apps.” The list of all the top downloaded free apps will now appear.
  6. Click the game and you will be asked to sign into your iTunes account. Complete this process and the game will begin to download.

Mobile phone downloads

  1. Access the “Free-Mobile-Games” website.
  2. Click on a game. This will bring up the game’s download page.
  3. Click “Download.” A new page will now appear.
  4. Select “Free Downloading.” Some sites will show you an offer for faster game download times with a count down clock next to it. Allow the clock’s time to expire and the mobile game will begin to download

How to Download Games for Mobile

Downloading games for your mobile device can be an easy or challenging task depending upon where you are installing the game from. While you easily can download many games to your mobile device through a central application store (also known as an “App Store” or “Market” depending on your mobile device), you also can install games from your personal computer or (on some mobile devices) through your mobile browser itself (the latter of which may require multiple attempts).

Downloading Games From a Mobile App Store

  1. Create a user account either on the mobile device or on a computer that will allow you to download premium and free games (please see your manufacturer’s manual on how to do this).
  2. Check your manufacture’s manual to see whether you need to download an application store like “App World” (some mobile devices do not have an application store preinstalled).
  3. Locate on your mobile device the application store icon, which should appear as either “App Store,” “Market,” “App World, or “App Catalog” on your mobile device. Select (or tap if you have a touchscreen mobile device) the application store to open it.
  4. Open the games directory either by tapping or selecting the “Games” section (which will be visible on some mobile devices). If you do not see a games section listed, then select or tap the “Categories” button on the menu bar (which will be located either on the top or the bottom of the screen) and select or tap the “Games” button to view the games section.
  5. Select or tap the game you desire to download on your mobile device or (on some mobile devices) tap the subcategory of games, then tap to view more information about the mobile game. Depending on your mobile device, either tap the small price button at the top of the screen (which also might be labeled “Free”) or select the “Download,” “Purchase,” “Buy,” “Install” or “Download for free” button (which may appear as “Download for price”) on the screen.
  6. Enter your user name and password when prompted on the screen. Depending on the mobile device, you may be asked to confirm the download or a pop-up may appear with a rating system or disclaimer. After reading the pop-up (there could be more than one depending on your mobile device), simply select or tap the “OK” button to download your game.

Downloading Games Through a Computer

  1. Download the appropriate software to your computer and follow the installation instructions that the program prompts you on the computer screen.
  2. Locate and click the “Store” button within the program.
  3. Click and hold the “App Store” button (located near the top of the computer screen) until a menu category appears. Navigate your mouse cursor toward the “Games” category.
  4. Click the game you want to download on your mobile device. On either the left or right side of the screen, locate the “Buy App” or “Free App” button and click it.
  5. Enter your user name and password (if your computer prompts you to) to install the game on your computer.
  6. Connect the USB cord to your mobile device. Insert the other end of the USB cord to the appropriate USB slot in the computer.
  7. Your computer will establish a connection with the mobile device and will install the game on your mobile device.

Downloading Games Online to Your Mobile Device

  1. Visit “Settings” on your mobile device to authorize it to download games not listed within the application store. If your mobile device does not require this, skip to Step 3.
  2. Select or tap the “Applications” option, then tap or select the “Unknown sources” option. A pop-up will appear asking you to accept the terms and conditions of installing apps outside of the application directory. Select or tap the “OK” button.
  3. Locate the appropriate website on your mobile device. Find the HTML link to which the game is located and tap or select the link to download the game.

How to Download Games Using Cydia

Cydia is a third-party app store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was born as a result of iPhone developers’ frustration with Apple’s tight-fisted control over its walled garden of content and devices. Cydia does not restrict developers to create applications within certain limitations the way Apple does. Though this was once a touchy subject, United States federal regulators have declared the installation of third-party software on iPhones completely legal in July 2010.


  1. Open the Cydia application on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Upon first opening, the application will take a moment to refresh all available applications.
  2. Tap the “Sections” button along the lower panel of the application. This will bring up a list of categories or sections.
  3. Navigate the list of categories and select “Games.” Browse the list of available games. Just as in the official App Store, some are free and some are paid.
  4. Tap the game you wish to install. You will be taken to an overview page with screen shots and information regarding the game. To install it, click “Install” in the upper right-hand corner. It may say “Purchase” instead if it’s a paid game. Click “Purchase” and follow the directions to complete the purchase. The installation will begin and the game will appear on your home screen.
  5. Press the “Home” button on the iPhone to exit Cydia and locate your game.

How to Download Shockwave Games

Shockwave games range from car racing to fashion, jigsaw puzzles to sports. You can download a free player and then take the games for a test run. The player runs on both PCs and Macs. You can download trial versions of games for free, buy games (usually for around $20) or sign up for one of several membership deals. Here is how to download games from the official Shockwave website.

How to Download Shockwave Games

  1. Download and install the latest Shockwave player. See Resources below.
  2. Go to www.shockwave.com. Click on the My Shockwave tab.
  3. Create a free account before signing up for any club offers. After your account is created, you can choose among membership offers. To start out, try the 10-day free trial of the Shockwave Unlimited membership, which allows you to download more than 600 games. The free trial will give you a sense of how much time you would spend playing the games and whether you would prefer to purchase a single game or select one of the paid membership options.
  4. Click on the Download Games tab to search through the games. For example, choose the game Plants vs. Zombies. Below the game is the option to download the free trial or to buy the full game. If you have signed up for an exclusive membership with Shockwave, you will see an option to simply download the game.
  5. Click the Download option and select where you want to save the game on your computer. If you are paying for the full version, you will have to go through checkout before downloading the game. Plants vs. Zombies is $19.95 for the full game. Once downloaded, you can click on the game file, and it will start automatically on your Shockwave player.

How to Download Games to a Phone

Cell phones offer a lot of entertainment-you listen to music, watch videos and can even play games all from your wireless phone. Just about any game you can play online you can also play on your phone. Depending on the model and carrier, your phone may come with a few games pre-installed, but follow these instructions to learn how to download new games to your cell phone.


  1. Go to a mobile games website like eamobile.com or gameloft.com, or browse your wireless service provider’s website to search for games to download to your cell phone.
  2. Register at the site if necessary. You may create an account with a credit card, use PayPal or have your phone charged using SMS-the most likely choice-depending on the site’s specific requirements and your individual preferences. Downloading from your service provider’s website is the best way to know your phone can support the games you want and your service provider can also add the charges straight to your bill.
  3. Find your cell carrier and phone on the site and choose a game that your specific phone supports. On most game sites you can search by carrier and phone or by game to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  4. Click “download” and “get now,” or a similar link.
  5. Enter your cell phone number when prompted and submit the request.
  6. Receive a text message and follow the instructions to download your new game. Your cell phone may be charged a fee for the text message if your wireless plan doesn’t include free incoming messages, and the company selling the game charges you once you’ve downloaded the game.

How to Pick Up Weapons in Counter Strike

Counter Strike is a very popular online first person shooter from Valve. It is a staple among competitive PC gamers and millions around the world enjoy it. The concept is very simple. Gamers form teams and compete in various game modes including hostage rescue, bomb defuse and assassination. Learning the controls is the first step to mastering this game, and the most important thing to know is how to pick up a gun. Follow these easy steps and you will be able to pick up better weapons and be more competitive in this shooter.


  1. Press “G” when you come across a gun you wish to pick up. This will drop your current weapon.
  2. Walk over the gun you wish to pick up. Your character will automatically pick up and wield this new weapon.
  3. Press “R” to reload if the current magazine is empty so your new weapon will be ready to use.

Zombie Shooting Games

Zombie shooting games are exactly what the title suggests they are. The goal is to shoot as many zombies as possible before they get you. These action-adventure games generally center on a protagonist trying to survive a zombie onslaught. The character typically has multiple weapons, and there is usually an element of horror beyond the zombies.

“Left 4 Dead”

  • “Left 4 Dead” is one of the kings of the zombie video world. Its maker, Valve, reported in 2009 that more than 2.5 million copies were sold in its first five months of released. It spawned a sequel in 2010 that also sold well. Players control a group of characters attempting to escape a town overrun by infected people who have turned into zombies. The weapons include shotguns, rifles and a rocket launcher.

“Resident Evil”

  • “Resident Evil” made its debut in the late 1990s. It was so successful that by 2009 it had spawned four sequels and a movie franchise starring Milla Jovovich. The player operates one of several people attempting to uncover a conspiracy related to a virus that transforms people into zombies. “Evil” has its share of gore, but it also calls for the player to figure out some puzzles.

“Dead Space”

  • “Dead Space” from 2009 emphasizes horror over action and players frequently have to search for ammunition. The player’s character is Isaac, an engineer trying to escape from a spaceship overrun by zombies. Isaac can destroy or dismember the enemy. If Isaac is low on ammunition, shooting a zombie in the leg will prevent it from reaching him.

“Call of Duty: World at War”

  • “Call of Duty: World at War” is mostly about controlling soldiers in a World War II environment. However, there is a bonus level where the enemy switches from Axis and Japanese forces to zombies. The zombies have to be shot down before they enter the home base of the Allied forces. The zombies come faster with each level. The mode was such a hit that extra zombie “maps” were added for online players.

How to Play as a Hunter in Left 4 Dead

http://orig10.deviantart.net/2559/f/2013/041/6/b/slenderman_in___left_4_dead_2__by_thesilverdragon116-d5uic5v.pngIn Versus Mode, some of the players will become survivors while others will become Special Infected. As your Special Infected die, they will be replaced by others. You can play as the Smoker, Boomer, Tank and the Hunter. The Hunter is one of the most challenging Infected to play.


  1. Take them by surprise. The Hunter’s greatest asset is surprise. Nothing is scarier than being pounced by a Hunter as you round a corner. Try and stay out of sight until you are ready to pounce.
  2. Get them in the back. Attacking the survivors from the front is a great way to get yourself shot. Wait until the survivors move past your position, then pounce on the closest survivor.
  3. Single them out. Attacking the survivors as a group is extremely dangerous. Instead, try and wait until one of the survivors falls behind or is separated from the group. Horde attacks (like when someone sets off a car alarm) or other Special Infected attacks such as Tanks and Witches are great for distracting the survivors, and allow you the perfect window to pounce a survivor and deal some major damage.
  4. Remember to pounce. Apart from the simple clawing attack, the Hunter’s ability allows them to crouch, then pounce on an unwary victim. Remember that you need to crouch first in order to pounce. Your target must also be directly in front of you. If you miss, you will be vulnerable for a few seconds until you can pounce again. Make sure you get your victim the first time, or you may not live to get a second chance.
  5. Do as much damage as you can, as quickly as you can. The Hunter has the lowest life of all the Special Infected, next to the Boomer. While it is unlikely that you will claw at a survivor long enough to kill them, all you can hope for is to do some damage before you get blasted.

How to Play as the Tank in Left 4 Dead

The most awesome of Special Infected, playing a Tank is a rare treat for the Infected player in Versus Mode. But don’t let it’s massive size fool you: the Tank is not invincible and playing one is not the easiest thing.


  1. Get to the attack quickly. Because the Tank is a rare spawn, you must use it quickly before the computer takes control of it for you. Once the Tank spawns, you will have a limited time to engage the survivors before the computer takes control.
  2. Try and hit the group in your first attack. A large, sweeping blow can knock several survivors down and send them sprawling, unable to retaliate for a few seconds. This can buy you a few seconds to select a single target and focus on it.
  3. Single out one survivor and concentrate on them. Because the Tank does not have unlimited health (just an awful lot of it,) your best bet for success is to target one survivor and pound them into the ground. Ideally, this should be your fellow player, as killing them will significantly reduce their score.
  4. Send them flying. Several levels have high points (rooftops, tops of skyscrapers, etc.) where the Tank can attack. Hitting a survivor off of the structure will either deal major damage or will kill them outright. Try and send as many survivors flying as possible.
  5. Attack from the rear if you can. While you can’t always choose the angle from which you attack and your time is limited, try and hit the survivors from any direction other than the way they are headed. This will buy you a few seconds to hit them before they can shoot back. Any time you can buy yourself when you are not being shot will go a long way towards defeating the survivors.
  6. Use your throw attack if you are at a distance. Not many stages allow for this, but if you have a good deal of distance between you and the survivors, throw a chunk of cement their way. This lets you attack and puts them on the defensive for a few seconds, allowing you time to close into melee range relatively unharmed.

How to Change a Name in Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is a popular multiplayer game on the PC and Xbox 360 that puts you in the shoes of one of four humans trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. While each of these characters are set in its appearance and background, you can change your character’s name on the PC version of the game.


  1. Turn on Left 4 Dead and enter either a single-player or multiplayer game.
  2. Press the tilde key (~) to open the developer console.
  3. Type the command “name” (without quotes) followed by a space, then enter your new name. Press “Enter” to change the name.
  4. Press the tilde key again to close the developer console.

How to Convert PC Games to PSP Games

You can run older DOS-based PC games such as Doom, Quake or Duke Nukem 3D on your PlayStation Portable (PSP) if you have the right software. Finding, downloading and installing the software does not require any special computer skills. Once you have your PSP set up properly, all you have to do is save the games on your PSP’s memory stick and start the correct programs.


  1. Download the free program DosBox for PSP (see Resources). Save it to your PSP’s memory stick under the “GAMES” directory. To do this, insert the memory stick in your PC’s memory stick slot, or connect your PSP to your PC via the mini-USB cable provided by the manufacturer. Using Windows Explorer, open the memory stick or PSP and then navigate to the “GAMES” directory.
  2. Install the PC games you want to play on your PSP’s memory stick. When the PC game install wizard asks where you want to install the game, direct it to the “GAMES” directory on your memory stick. It should then create a new folder within “GAMES,” where all of the PC game’s files will be located.
  3. Insert your memory stick into the PSP or disconnect the PSP from your PC. Start the PSP, and go to “MEMORY STICK” on the main menu. Scroll down until you find DosBox listed and start the program.
  4. Type “cd/games” using the PSP’s virtual keyboard option at the DOS prompt. (Hit the circle button to bring up the virtual keyboard.) Then type “cd/” followed by the name of the game directory for the game you want to play. Finally, type the name of the executable file (“.exe”) listed in that directory. Your PC game should start.
  5. Troubleshoot your individual PC game by experimenting with the various game controls. Since the PSP obviously has fewer inputs than a PC’s mouse and keyboard, you may have to use trial and error to discover how to play your game successfully on the PSP.

How to Create PC Games

Everyone loves playing video games. And chances are, if you’ve played lots of video games, you’ve dreamed about making a game of your own some day. Well, the good news is that it can be done. The bad news is that it’s a huge amount of work, so read on to figure out whether you still want to make a PC game, or if you’ll be happier just playing them.

How to Create PC Games

  1. Figure out how many hours you’re willing to devote to making a PC game. Is it ten? A hundred? A thousand? Keep in mind that much of the work in making a PC game isn’t fun at all, but involves mind-numbing tasks like listing and numbering pixels, or copying the same tiles over and over again. If, upon reconsideration, a hundred hours of this seems like a bad idea, then you should quit now and leave the gaming to someone else.
  2. Gather a team. A decent game may require a thousand hours of work, but if you have five people working with you, that’s only two hundred hours each. This is still a lot, but a lot less than a thousand. A few like-minded friends will not only save you time, but help keep you motivated. Just be sure everyone is committed as you are. Many people think making a video game is a good idea, but soon lose interest after a week or month with little progress.
  3. Take an honest inventory of what computer skills you possess. Can you program in Java, C++, or Flash? Do you have the ability to create decent-looking graphics for the type of game you’re trying to create? Do you have an understanding of the necessary tables and values that will be required to make your game run? If you are deficient in any of these areas, do you have a committed team member who can make up for your lack of knowledge? Do you have a project manager if working on the game with friends who will keep everyone on task?
  4. Revise your scope if your answer to any of the above questions was “No”. Rather than making a game from scratch, you may be better off using a game-making program. If you’re want to make a Role-Playing Game, consider getting a program like RPG Maker. This will allow you to make a game using templates without needing to know a lot about programming.
  5. Plan out your game and figure out what will be required to create a working prototype of two screens worth of movement, the menu/character screen, and at least one full combat. (Once you can get this working, the rest is just a question of scale.) Make a list of everything needed, try to figure out how long it will take, and set to work building your prototype.
  6. Complete the prototype, play it, and evaluate it. (If you can’t because you find the process too boring, you probably aren’t ready to make a full-length game.) Does everything function and appear as you’d like? If not, revise your prototype until it does what you want. Once your prototype is done to your satisfaction, plan out the full game.
  7. Draw out your entire story, with all characters and locations. Make a list of everything you’ll need, and a schedule of when you expect to have each piece done. Try to stick to your schedule and deadlines. When you’re done, even if the game is small, you’ll feel a great deal of pride if you managed to make your own game.

How to Use a Game Controller With PC Games

As video game consoles have become more and more popular, PC gaming has seen a decline. Many popular PC franchises have already made the leap to consoles and others seem sure to follow. Many gamers like the feel and control of gaming controllers and prefer to use them even with PC games. Because it connects with a USB plug, the Xbox 360 wired controller is the easiest to plug in to your computer and use with PC games.


  1. Download the controller software by going to:


    Select your controller, your operating system and your language and confirm that you wish to download the software.

  2. Install the software after it has finished downloading. You may be prompted to restart your computer in order for the changes to take place.
  3. Connect the controller to your PC by plugging it in to a USB port.
  4. Test that the controller works by click the “Start” button, selecting “Control Panel,” clicking “Printers and Other Hardware” and selecting “Game Controllers.” Select the Xbox controller and press the buttons to ensure that they are registering on the computer.
  5. Load up the game you wish to play on your PC.
  6. Select the “Options” menu in the game and go to the controls section.
  7. Select the Xbox controller as your input device and map the commands to the desired position on the controller. You can now start a new game and use the controller to play.

How to Mod PC Games

Unlike most of their console counterparts, many PC games enable players to create content to modify and expand the game. These modifications, often called mods, can change any number of aspects of the game like sound effects, in-game models and skins and other elements. They may also add entire new stories, worlds or locations to explore. First-time modders may have a tough road ahead; not all games are easily or intuitively modded.

Researching Your Game

  • The first thing you need to do is research the game you’re planning to mod. There’s no one system that mods everything; all games are modified differently. Some newer games come with official modification tools, or offer them for download so the community can begin producing content more easily. Some games, with or without a kit, will require competency in a specific programming language to properly code the modifications. Make sure your first mod project isn’t something you can’t handle, and learn everything you’ll need to know to see it through properly.

Planning Your Mod

  • Don’t blunder into your first mod half-shod. Get a plan together before you get started: determine what you’re changing or adding and what you’ll need to make it. Even small mods require a solid plan to be executed well, and getting your resources together before you start messing with game code or mod kits can make the entire process run smoother. Be thorough in your planning, though; consider everything you might need for the mod, from skins, models and sound effects to specific scripts, code segments or engine tweaks that might be necessary.

Using Mod Tools

  • Modification kits and other utilities are commonplace among the mod community, both officially and unofficially. These tools are designed to simplify modding for novices or make it more efficient for veterans, enabling the community to put out new content more quickly. Official mod kits like the “G.E.C.K” of “Fallout 3” or the construction set from “Skyrim” are made by the game’s developer and released with the intent of fostering community creativity. Unofficial mod kits are created by the community to help make modding easier and faster, especially for games that aren’t natively mod-friendly. Not all games can use or have kits, however, which may mean that changing the game’s coding directly is the only way to mod them.

Getting Started

  • Start small for your first modding project. Get your feet wet with a simple task like re-skinning an existing character or changing out some of the game’s sound effects, then build your way up to larger modifications like adding new characters, items or other assets. Games like “Minecraft,” which have a focus on player-created assets and modifications, are a good place to get started learning the basics of game modding.

How to Drive in a Car Game

While racing and driving games have been a staple of electronic gaming since the days of 8-bit arcade technology, many of the techniques required to master these types games have remained consistent. If you’re stumped when it comes to figuring out how to drive in a car game, learning to achieve success, and therefore enjoyment, requires stepping back and taking a systematic, patient approach to mastering the controls for each new game you want to learn to play.


  1. Give yourself a practice run to figure out the controls. Even if the game doesn’t have a practice mode, use your first run to discover which of the game pad controls do which things and how they feel. Practice things like steering, accelerating and using any extra power boosts or moves. Get used to moving your fingers across the different buttons for a while before you expect to really play successfully.
  2. Keep your eye on the road as far ahead as possible. Most good driving games try to create an accurate simulation of high-speed driving, which means that if you don’t think about adjusting your steering for curves in the road until you arrive at them, it will be too late.
  3. Avoid big errors, even if you have to go slower. Things like crashing your car into walls, running into obstacles or turning yourself around are, in most games, problems that will end up costing you more time than going a little more slowly throughout in order to be able to avoid crashing. Even if you have to start at a speed that isn’t fast enough to win the race, you’ll benefit by learning to steer accurately, then being able to bump up the speed.
  4. Make small adjustments. With high-speed driving simulations, a small steering adjustment makes a big different in how the car moves. Most car game courses require only slight taps of the direction buttons or tiny turns of the wheel to change the car’s direction drastically. Avoid large adjustments, as these are difficult to counter and make it likelier that you will crash.
  5. Gradually incorporate any “extra” or bonus elements in the game. Once you have a handle on the basics of navigating the road in each game, incorporate any other game play elements (such as collecting objects or sabotaging other drivers) one at a time.

How to Install a Game System in Your Car

Installing a TV set with a DVD player in a car has become common for many people. The next level is installing a game system. There isn’t a standard method for installing one, but it is possible. Once your car has a TV inside it, you can load your Playstation or Wii into your car for game playing on the go. The most important things are finding a secure location for the game system in the car and a way to connect its power supply to the electrical system.


  1. Install a TV set in the car if it doesn’t have one. The TV needs input ports that will work with your game console; most use RCA composite plugs. Most car TVs go into a seat headrest; cut a hole in back of the headrest and fit the TV frame within it.
  2. Mount the game console in a secure place. If there is enough clearance, under the passenger seat is good. You can also mount it on the dashboard if it’s not in the driver’s sight or in the way of the airbags. Adhesive velcro strips will hold it in place. If nowhere else, try storing it in the glove compartment.
  3. Connect the console to the TV set using RCA cables. If the TV is within a seat headrest, route the cables up through the seat upholstery. This works best if the console is under the seat. If it’s in the front, route a long enough cable underneath the seat and up through the upholstery.
  4. Connect the console’s power adapter to the car’s electrical system with a DC inverter. Place the inverter within a corner of the passenger floorboard and plug it into a cigarette adapter. Run the console’s power cord from underneath the seat (or along the edge of the dashboard) and plug it into the inverter.
  5. Store your system’s games and controllers in a secure container. A car organizer from an auto supply store will work and usually mounts onto any floorboard with velcro strips.

How to Build a 3D Car Game

Building a 3-D car game is a computer programming project. A key task in this project is using a computer language like C++, Java or Fortran to call on 3-D graphics functions in pre-built code libraries. Basic examples of these functions include routines for moving, rotating and sizing a virtual object. Combining car game logic with these routines forms the basis of a 3-D car game. Building your own 3-D car game lets you add features that no other game has. It also teaches you marketable programming skills especially useful for other graphics-oriented projects.


  1. Download the source code for a 3-D car game like CarDriving or 3D Multiplayer Car Racing Game.
  2. Get (download) a software development kit — otherwise known as an SDK — or compiler for the computer language the car game was written in. Learn what this language is by reading the documentation that comes with the source code you downloaded in step 1. You can get a Java SDK from Oracle’s Java site, and a Fortran compiler from GCC Fortran site.
  3. Read, at the bottom pane of Windows Explorer, the sizes of each of the source files from step 1. Right-click the file with the smallest size, select “Open with,” then select a word processor to open the file with.
  4. Read the source file completely, including all its code and comments. Even without knowing a bit of computer programming, you’ll be able to understand much of the code.
  5. Write, when you do understand a line you’ve read, a new comment in the source that reflects that understanding. For example, you might read the statement “void DisplayCarBoard1(CarClass *car)” and write next to it “This is a function that shows the main game environment on the screen.”
  6. Make changes to string and numeric constants, for those statements you understand. For example, you might change the 20 to a 5 in a line like “If (currentPoints == 20) then startNextLevel();”
  7. Memorize the game’s source code, one file at a time, using whatever memorization technique you’ve previously found effective. For example, you might begin by writing the filename for each source file on one side of a 3×5 index card, then list just the function names of that file on the back. This forms the basis of a flashcard game: recite each card’s back after reading its front.

    Memorizing code reveals the algorithmic and data structures the developers wrote the program with. According to Dr. Bill Klemm, neuroscience professor at Texas A&M University, memorization requires thought. Human minds constantly seek ways to simplify complex and confusing stimuli–which computer code is an example of. In memorizing code, your mind will search for patterns, structures, order, and meaning it can use to organize the code. Every computer program is bursting with such order, because all programs are made by people with the same order-seeking minds. In short, memorization requires thought, which yields understanding.

  8. Clarify all the source code’s confusing statements by replacing unclear words and numbers with those that make sense to you. This doesn’t change the game’s code, but makes it easier to read. For example, you might clarify the statement “play1.Units = 10” by replacing it with “EnemyCar.GasUnits = TEN_LITERS.”
  9. Write (on paper) a list of bigger changes like “I’ll set this game on the streets of Paris instead of a raceway in Daytona, Florida.” Make each item in this list as specific as you can because this makes coding the item easier.
  10. Write the code for each item in your list, then compile the modified source code. Refer to your SDK’s instructions for detailed instructions on compilation.

How to Play Car Racing Games Online

Are you bored? Do you like racing games? Do you like playing video games for free? Well, the Internet awaits where it’s possible to spend hours and hours and hours playing racing games online and not pay a cent.


  1. Check out Net-Games selection of racing games. They have Redline Rumble, Gorillaz Final Drive, and much, much more. Be warned, you may find you lose track of time while you’re there.
  2. Go to Striker Racer where they state: “Human dignity is absolute as free people everywhere are allowed to focus on self-actualization and higher pursuits… specifically, the pursuit of high-octane car combat!” Sounds intriguing and dangerous, and best yet, it’s free.
  3. Explore Youda Games, which has lots of racing games that’ll keep you busy for a long, long time.
  4. Venture to Import-Heaven and play Create a Ride, Drag Racer, the Transporter and more.
  5. Race “against time” by playing Kaizen Racing at 2D play. Each pit stop is an opportunity to soup up your racer.
  6. Play for free at Shockwave, where SR Evolution, Drift ‘n Burn, and Zoo Haul await.

Fun Word Games for in the Car

Road trips can be boring hours filled with silence, or they can be loads of fun with the right word games.These games do not require any specific scenery or writing utensils, because they all take place in your head. Try these ideas on your next trip to enjoyably pass the time. You might even learn something new.


  • Have one player call out any letter. From this point onward, each player takes a turn adding a letter so the group is collectively spelling out a real word. The goal for each player is add a letter that continues the word, but not a letter that will finish it. If a player completes a word, he loses the round, gets a “G” and starts the next round. If he loses another round, he gets an “O”. If the player gets an “A” and finally a “T,” he is out of the game.

    For instance, say Player 1 says “A” and Player 2 says “C.” If Player 3 says “T,” she will complete a word (“act”), lose the round and receive a “G.” Alternately, Player 3 could stay in the game by saying “C,” which is within the beginning of the word “accept.”

I’m Going on a Camping Trip…

  • Pick a player to be the camping trip leader. She will select a unique letter combination that must be guessed by the other players through a clever word game.

    For instance, say the trip leader picks “oo.” She hints at the combination by saying things like, “I’m going on a camping trip, and I’m going to bring a spoon, but not a fork. I’m going to bring a pooch, but not a dog. I’m going to bring a pontoon, but not a boat.” Each object that she will bring must include the secret letter combination.

    Other players try to determine the combination and say things like, “I will also come on the trip, and I’m bringing a [blank], but not a [blank].” If the object they will bring includes the letter combination, the trip leader says, “You can come on my camping trip.”

Animal Names

  • Have a player call out an animal name. The next player must call out an animal that starts with the last letter of the previous animal. Each player takes a turn until a player is stumped. Each time a player is stumped, he receives a letter (similar to the aforementioned “G-O-A-T” game) and then starts a new series with a new animal. The group can determine which animal stumped players will spell. “Pig” eliminates stumped players faster, making for a shorter game, while “Alligator” makes for a very long game.

20 Questions

  • One player thinks of any object, person or place. The other players have a combined total of 20 yes-or-no questions that they may ask to determine the identity of the object, person or place.

    Good questions include: “Is it alive?” “Is it smaller than a bread box?” “Is it man-made?” “Is there one in the car?” or “Have you ever seen one?”